Swashbuckling Pirate
The Fancy Pants Adventure Pirate
The one in the middle, between the spiders
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Health Healthy
Status Alive
Relatives Unknown

Swashbuckling Pirate is an enemy in World 3.

Background Edit

Swashbuckling Pirates are tough pirates with blades in their hands, which they use quite well. They are found only in World 3, in the levels from Pirate Cove up to Ninfestation. They are found in the mini-rooms. They play as a type of elite enemy. Not much is known about these pirates, but they appear to not like Captain Manly Beard, as well as the other pirates, and may also be misguided by him.

Statistics Edit

Swashbuckling Pirates attack with the blade in their hand. They use it to attack and defend. If you don't attack them for a while, they will use their blade and lunge at you really quickly. They take up to four strong hits to defeat, and are very difficult to tackle without using your weapon.