A Squiggle





Squiggles are items found throughout each level. They are basic collectable items in all of the games, and similar to coins. Every 100 Squiggles you collect, you gain a life.

Squiggleville, the village and the hometown of Fancy Pants Man is named after squiggles.

Types  Edit

There are other types of squiggles too:

Normal Squiggles Edit

Normal Squiggles can be found in each level and are the most common items.

Each squiggle that is collected replenishes Fancy Pants Man's health bar for a little. After 100 squiggles are collected, the player is rewarded with an extra life. Lives are not limited.

Basic squiggles can be found anywhere. When they appear in groups there is usually a lot of them. Sometimes there are so many squiggles that entire shapes, images and art can be formed from their positions.

There are also "death squiggles" that pop out of the enemy after they hit the player. When they 'pop out' there is usually small amount of normal squiggles (5), that serve as a help to the player to regenerate from the attack.

Green Squiggles Edit

Green Squiggles are worth 5 normal Squiggles. They are harder to find than normal ones. They are bigger in size, and generally they can be found in groups. Usually plenty of them appear after the player achieves something big, such as coming to the end of the level or reaching a secret location.

Yellow Squiggles Edit

Yellow Squiggles can be found only in Micro Trials, and they are not worth any points. Instead they lead player through the race and show them the way where to go. Yellow squiggles exist only in Consoles and World 3.

Light Squiggles Edit

Light Squiggles are not counted as real squiggles that you can collect as a benefit. They have the same purpose as Snailshells (or balls). Light Squiggles can be found in Snailshell Golf courses, and they can be used to light darker areas, considering that they glow in dark.

Light squiggles appear only in Consoles game, and they are extremely rare.