A Snail
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Snail
Health Healthy
Status Alive
Relatives Unknown

The Snail is an enemy in World 2 and every game in Fancy Pants Adventures series after it. After kicked, Snail's shell can be used for multiple useful things.

Info Edit

After a snail is stomped on, its shell will remain. You can use the shell to knockout other baddies in your way. In World 2, it is mainly used to get into the golf hole, and to obtain a new color of pants. Snails made their debut in World 2 and seem to be very important in the game. In the boss battle, when you are fighting the Angry Rabbit, a snail will drop down towards you. Once you stomp on it, you kick the shell to hit the Angry Rabbit and the boss will be knocked out. If done 3 times, the Angry Rabbit will be defeated. Snails don't appear as much in World 3.

Background Edit

World 2Edit

There is one snail on each level and one golf hole on each level, when Fancy Pants Man jumps on the snails head, it will go in its shell and then it may be kicked into the golf hole, when this is done Fancy Pants Man will obtain a new color of pants. In the boss battle, Angry Rabbit drops one snail and spiders after jumping, and by kicking them, snail shell can be used to hit the Angry Rabbit and defeat him.

World 3 and ConsolesEdit

Unlike World 2 in these games there are no holes in levels. Instead Snails are normal enemies. In some bonus rooms, snail shells can be used to kick it into a hole and complete the challenge, or take down Bats in World 3's 3rd challenge in Canopy Forest.


  • Snails are the most useful enemies, due to that their shell can be used for collecting new pants, or defeating enemies.
  • Along with Bathtub Pirates, they are only enemies that can't be completely defeated because their shell is always remaining.