Pirate Cove


FPA for Consoles, World 3

Number of level

7 (Consoles), 6 (World 3)

Previous Level

High Dive Caverns

Next Level

Princess Pirate Ship

Pirate Cove is the 7th level of The Fancy Pants Adventures for Consoles and 5th for World 3.

Synopsis Edit

After making his way through the High Dive Caverns to reach the Princess Pirate Ship, Fancy Pants Man is prevented from boarding the ship because Manly Beard's crew had set up a tower of enemies that is too high for him to stomp on or bowl over. He is instead forced to swim into the water-filled caverns underneath the ship, where he eventually enters a massive stack of shipwrecks inside a large chamber.

Inside the shipwrecks, Fancy Pants Man jumps up a series of platforms and eventually enters a door, where he receives his blade weapon (a pencil by default), which is what he needs to get through the tower of enemies. Upon returning to the ship and dealing with the previously-impenetrable enemy stack using his weapon, he begins his objective to find his sister on the vessel.

Bonus Rooms:

There is a bonus room in the stack of shipwrecks, accessed by getting through some pirates near the top of the level. It is accessed through a door next to a hermit crab missing his shell, and is completed by "playing golf" and sending a snail shell into its respective hole.

Other Rooms:

Besides the bonus room and the room containing the "weapon," another room is present in the upper portion of the shipwrecks which can be accessed by jumping on some bats.

Enemies (Not Counting Those in the Enemy Tower):

  • Spiders
  • Crabs
  • Mice with Guns
  • Pirates (First Appearance)
  • Robotic Bats

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first level in World 3 where Fancy Pants Man has the ability to attack enemies with his weapon.
  • Previously, he had a weapon that could be customized, but was unable to use it in-game.
  • For some reason, Fancy Pants Man is unable to bowl over the tower of enemies despite the fact that he could be able to knock them over by rolling into them.
  • However, it could be because these enemies are so heavy in the form of a tower, that they're too firm and tough to be bowled over.