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Poking, Stabbing, Smashing, Whacking

The Pencil is a weapon in Fancy Pants Adventure series. It appears mostly in World 3 and the The Fancy Pants Adventures for Consoles edition of the game. It also appears as a weapon in World 1 Remix, retrieved after defeating the Evil Pencil. Once you beat him you can attack with the pencil by pressing "A".

Background Edit

The Pencil is seen in World 2World 3Console, and World 1 Remix. It is also confirmed to be in World 4.

World 2 Edit


Fancy Pants Man golfing (world 2)

When you enter the Start game door you are seen holding the pencil

World 3 and Consoles Edit

It is originally located in the pirates cave, underwater, on a sunken ship, in the Unassuming Closet of Epic Weaponry, on a small stand. Fancy Pants Man aquires it when he enters the closet and switches it with a bag of sand. According to the dialog, it is the pencil that Brad Borne uses to draw the game. After that, the pencil becomes his basic weapon for fighting all types of enemies, especially important to breaking the pirate tower blockade to enter Princess Pirate Ship. Once when unlocked in Consoles, player can change the pencil with any other weapon. 

World 1 RemixEdit

In the beginning, Fancy Pants Man does not have the pencil for his weapon. In Level 3, the Evil Pencil erases the whole level, while Fancy Pants Man needs to escape to Level 4. In the end, the Evil Pencil becomes the boss, trying to smash Fancy Pants Man and drawing multiple spiders. When he hits the Evil Pencil three times with the spiders, the Evil Pencil shrinks into a weapon which Fancy Pants Man collects. Once the player collects it, it can be used as a weapon later in the game.

World 4Edit

Not much is known about the pencil in this game, except that combat with the pencil will have a large role in World 4, according to one of Brad Borne's updates. There is also a new type of swing with the pencil, known as the Golf Swing, which allows Fancy Pants Man to swing the Pencil at a 180 degree angle. 

Pencil unlock-0

Fancy Pants Man aquires the pencil(world 3)


  • In Remix, movements with pencil are different than in World 3 and Consoles, this time Fancy Pants Man can only do a basic swing and nothing else That might change in World 4, since the game is not completed yet.
  • When you retrieve the Pencil in the Unassuming Closet of Epic Weaponry, speech bubbles of Brad Borne talking appear. One of the speech bubbles confirms that you will start off in World 4 with the pencil, although it may be retrieved later on in the game.