Parrots are uncommon enemies found in World 3 and Consoles. They are Pirates' pets that they use to attack intruders, such as Fancy Pants Man.

Background Edit

Parrots are pirate animals, due to the pirate blade they have in their wings. They are found in World 3 and Consoles. In Consoles, they appear in The Royal Tub, Princess Pirate Ship (In the red key room), and in Forgotten Island. In World 3, they only appear in The Royal Tub and Princess Pirate Ship. 

One parrot was part of the pirate crew that attacked The Royal Tub. After that, Fancy Pants Man meets more parrots as he makes his way to the Princess Pirate Ship, because parrots are pirates' combat animals. They appear as enemies in key rooms in the ship, where they cooperate with other pirate animals such as Spiders and Geese.

Three green parrots are part of the 'invincible' baddie wall that blocks Fancy Pants Man's entry to the ship. In the disco area of the Princess Ship, a parrot can be seen being bored/dancing along with other pirates that are friendly to Fancy Pants Man.

One enemy parrot is also present on the main level of Forgotten Island, and several additional parrots can be found in one of the level's bonus rooms. 

Statistics Edit

Parrots have two purposes as enemies. One thing they do is pick up enemies (Spiders, for example), and drop it where Fancy Pants Man is standing. Another thing they do is fly towards Fancy Pants Man with a pirate blade and try to attack you. Parrots can be defeated by any tactic of attack. They only take one hit to defeat, which makes them an easy foe to defeat. Doing aerial moves with the weapon can knock them out fast if they fly too high.

They are usually easy to spot and recognize due to their ability to fly, and specific green color.


  • Although parrots are known as iconic pirate animals in the game, while sending enemies to attack her brother, Cutie Pants doesn't unleash an army of parrots.
  • Parrots are also the only enemies that can travel through solid blocks and platforms, even though they still die upon making contact with water.