Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Humans (possibly)
Health Healthy
Status Alive
Relatives Unknown

Ninja is a basic enemy in World 3 and The Fancy Pants Adventures for Consoles, found in Princess Pirate Ship and Ninfestation. They can be defeated only by hitting them with a pencil (World 3) or any other weapon (consoles).

In World 3 Edit

Ninjas first appear when Fancy Pants Man enters into a room for blue key. There are a lot of ninjas inside the room, and they can also be found in other rooms in the ship. Later, when FPM gets back to the ship to deliver the Beard Dye to Captain Manly Beard there are ninjas all over the ship and in Princess's room. While over there, Cutie Pants Girl says that pirates hate ninjas. In the boss battle, Captain attacks FPM by dropping ninjas from his beard when a reverse question mark appears over his head.

Statistics Edit

Ninjas attack you by jumping towards you. If they hit you, it will deal damage. They cannot be stomped on. You can only defeat them by using your Pencil and waving it with a wide arc. To do this you must hold down on the A button and when the Ninja is in weapon range, let go of the A button and the Pencil will whack the Ninja. You will only need to do this one time. Ninjas are usually a little hard to take down, due to them jumping around all of the time.

On the other hand, in the mobile versions of Fancy Pants, ninjas can be stomped on, taking a maximum of two strong stomps to defeat.