FPA for Consoles, World 3

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11 (Consoles), Return To Level 8 (World 3)

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Forgotten Island

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Ninfestation is the 11th level of The Fancy Pants Adventures for Consoles and World 3. It is the final level in both games.

Synopsis Edit

After getting the Mythical Beard Dye of Norris from Forgotten Island and making his way back to the Princess Pirate Ship, Fancy Pants Man finds out that the ship has been infested by ninjas, who are present on all corners of it. However, this time he only needs to traverse across the entire vessel to get to the "Pirate Princess Room," without needing to collect any keys by entering the "challenge rooms.""

Upon making his way into the room, Fancy Pants Man walks towards his younger sister Cutie Pants, only to be confronted by Manly Beard once again. Now donning a brown beard instead of his rainbow-coloured one (due to the Beard Dye that Fancy Pants Man previously got), Manly Beard challenges him to another round of "beard-stomping" (how he refers to battles with Fancy Pants Man).

The fight with Manly Beard in this level is more difficult than the one in Squiggleville where he not only has his signature attack where he thrusts his beard at the player, but also has the ability to summon ninjas and slam into the ground to send a "beard tsunami." Still, whenever he thrusts his beard, Manly Beard gets stunned to the point where Fancy Pants Man can have an opportunity to attack him, either from jumping, rolling, or hitting him with his weapon. As well, like the Squiggleville fight Manly Beard will be defeated after just three hits, if provided that the player doesn't lose any lives in the battle.

Once Manly Beard is defeated a second (and last) time, Fancy Pants Man returns to Cutie Pants' side and takes her on a piggyback ride as the credits roll, essentially concluding the plot of World 3.

Bonus Rooms: None, as the player only has the door to Manly Beard's boss fight in this level.

Other Rooms: None


  • Ninjas
  • Spiders
  • Pirates
  • Parrots

Boss Battle: The player has to fight Manly Beard a second time to complete this level, this time a lot harder than his Squiggleville fight.

Trivia Edit

  • In World 3, this level counted Ninfestation as a return to level 8, Princess Pirate Ship.
  • The layout is also similar to that of Princess Pirate Ship, only without the additional rooms for keys and disco ball pieces.
  • Many ninjas appear in this level as enemies, hence the name of "Ninfestation."
    • Even with the ninjas however, other enemies such as spiders and pirates still appear in this level.