Misplaced Cave


FPA for Consoles, World 3

Number of Level

9 (Consoles), 8 (World 3)

Previous Level

Princess Pirate Ship

Next Level

Forgotten Island

Misplaced Cave is the ninth level of The Fancy Pants Adventures for Consoles and seventh of World 3.

Synopsis Edit

Fancy Pants Man must traverse through the Misplaced Cave to reach Forgotten Island and get the Mythical Beard Dye of Norris for Manly Beard. The level's layout consists of a series of platforms, bats, and springs for the player to parkour across, and although it might seem easy to complete the player can miss out much of the level if they don't jump on any of the robotic bats inside the cave. At the end, the player enters a cannon and uses it to launch themselves to Forgotten Island, represented by a series of sand, grass, and palm trees outside the cave.

Bonus Rooms:

There is a minigame at the lower right-hand portion of the map, accessed by a door next to a talking "bat-king" creature. It can be difficult to access that room if the player doesn't know how to properly use the ramp-like surface near it to launch themselves by rolling. The minigame's objective is for the player to collect all ten green squiggles in the map within a minute, which is by jumping on the bats scattered throughout the map.

Other Rooms:

If the player was to launch themselves up left at the first ramp-like surface and continue upwards using the provided platforms and walls, then Fancy Pants Man will end up at a door leading to another bonus room in the level. Although the player doesn't need to complete a minigame, he/she can earn a star by "playing golf" using the ball in this level and making it fall into a hole with a flag next to it.


  • Spiders
  • Robotic Bats
  • Pirates
  • Mice with Guns