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Level 3 is the third and final level of World 1.====

Info Edit

Background Edit

Online: Edit

Takes place in a forest-like area at night.

Consoles: Edit

Takes place in a forest at day time.

Trophy: Edit

The trophy is called "The Knight In Training". It is found in a secret room, which can be found in a secret entrance nearby a platform.

Other Rooms: Edit

Angry Penguin's Lair: This room is where the boss, the Angry Penguin, is located. The entrance is a pit under a bunch of rock spikes.

Micro-Trial (Consoles Only) Edit

The Micro-Trial is found next to the first of the bunch of column platforms near the end of the level.

Enemies: Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In the consoles version, a different background and setting is shown.
  • In consoles, the Angry Penguin's Lair was redesigned.