Level 2
Fancy Pants Adventure World 1 Level 2
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FPA for Consoles, World 1

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Level 2 is the second level in World 1.

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Consoles Edit

An area in the mountains.

Trophy: Edit

This trophy seems to represent "The Kid" from "Snow Blitz". This trophy can be found by accessing the door next to the spider nearby the entrance to the level and getting to the top.

There is another trophy room at the far right, nearby the first trophy level. The trophy in the level is called "Rocky Pinnicle".

There is another trophy found in this level, although it is not in its own room. It can be found in the middle loop near the exit to the level. It is called "Erik The Juiceman".

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Micro-Trial (Consoles Only) Edit


Enemies: Edit

  • Spiders
  • Rats

Trivia Edit

  • This level is presumed to be called Iced Mountain.