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FPA World 1 Level 1
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FPA for Consoles, World 1

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Level 1 is the first level of World 1. Once you enter the "Start" door, you start here.

Info Edit

Background: Edit

Online: Edit

Level 1 doesn't really have a specific background in the online version, except a rocky-like area.

Consoles: Edit

Level 1 seems to take place in a rocky area in a nice sky area with clouds.

Trophy: Edit

The trophy seems to represent a gunner, "Stande", as it said in the description. The trophy is found far above the level, and can be accessed there from a door that will teleport you there.

Other Rooms: Edit

Room 1: Small room full of Squiggles.

Mysterious Cave: Entrance is a box-looking thing, found near the end of the level. When inside, you can obtain the Wall-Jump Powerup, which enables you to jump on walls. However, when you jump in, ink starts to fill the cavern. Your new task is to escape the cavern.

Micro-Trial (Consoles Only): Edit

The Micro-Trial is found on the left spring on the U-shaped isle near the end of the level.

Enemies: Edit

  • Spiders
  • Rats

Trivia Edit

  • In the consoles version, more background is shown.