The King of Squiggleville, usually called just The King, is a character who appears in The Fancy Pants Adventures for Consoles and its computer version, World 3. He is one of noble Squigglevillians, along with the Mayor.


The King is the supreme leader of Squiggleville town. Although it's unknown where he resides, it is known that he gets a special, unique, noble treatment. He owns a massive bathtub located in the rural part of Squiggleville, called The Royal Tub. He views the tub as the main "pride of his entire kingdom". His main henchman is the Mayor, who is assumed to be the second most importrant political leader of the town. 

The King relies on Fancy Pants Man whenever trouble occurs, and he usually calls him for help due to his parkour and combat skills. He refers to him as "Noble Man of Pants".

After Captain Manly Beard's crew attacked the giant bathub, The King was helpless and ordered Fancy Pants to re-conquer his royal tub and bring peace back to the Squiggleville. Despite some complications, Fancy Pants successfully defeated the pirates but sucked the water out of the tub. After this, The King was never seen again, but it is presumed that he still rules Squiggleville. However, the ultimate fate of his bathtub is unknown.