The Inkie (otherwise known in plural as the Inkies) are the standard enemy and main antagonist of The Fancy Pants Adventures: World 4. Originally raining down into the world of Fancy Pants Man after an accident of spilling ink in the real world, they terrorize Squiggleville and the surrounding land.

Behavior Edit

Inkie behavior is extremely simplistic. An Inkie will continuously move left and right if the player is not nearby, opening it's mouth and closing it as well. When the player gets close, however, the Inkie will lunge and cause some damage to the player.

Variations Edit

Inkies have very few variations throughout the game. Flying Inkies are seen in Tree Pirate Valley, and Floating Inkies are first seen in Volcano Approach. Both also have simple behaviors. The Flying Inkie will try to get a good distance away and fire off an ink shot at you that can be deflected with the Fountain Pen. The Floating Inkie will do nothing but hover continuously in place. Because of this, they are primarily used for platforming and the Ink-Dash ability with the Fountain Pen.