Forgotten Island


FPA for Consoles, World 3

Number of level

10 (Consoles), 9 (World 3)

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Misplaced Cave

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Forgotten Island is the 10th level of Fancy Pants Adventures for Consoles and 9th for World 3.

Synopsis Edit

Fancy Pants Man has to claim the Mythical Beard Dye of Norris from a temple on this island, so Manly Beard can get his ship and crew back from Cutie Pants. After reaching the island by means of the Misplaced Cave, he has to traverse a series of platforms and loops to arrive at the temple containing the Beard Dye. The first half of this level is quite easy when compared to the portion that takes place inside the temple, where Fancy Pants Man is required to use a series of fast-moving platforms and dodge obstacles such as spikes and blocks to reach the Beard Dye. Upon getting the Beard Dye however, Fancy Pants Man then finds himself on the Princess Pirate Ship in the next level, where Manly Beard got his powers without making direct contact with him and even "infested" the ship with ninjas.

Bonus Rooms:

There is a noticeable challenge in this level, which takes place in a door next to a "crazy" man wearing a large hat and grass skirt. For this challenge, the player is required to complete a race in less than a minute which takes place on Forgotten Island itself, with stone turtles, cannons, water, and turtles with wings.

Other Rooms:

Another room that the player can enter is accessed by jumping across a series of platforms to the left of the tall hollow tree in this level. It features a bunch of parrots and water, along with cannons and "bathtub pirates."


  • Spiders
  • Parrots
  • Bathtub Pirates
  • Mice with Guns
  • Robotic Bats
  • Pirates

Trivia Edit

  • In the Online version of World 3, this level was renamed Island Express.
  • As ironic as its title seems, Forgotten Island doesn't really appear to be "forgotten" as not only is there at least one human inhabiting the island (the "crazy" guy next to the minigame door), but Manly Beard's force of pirates and enemies had also managed to get on the island, known by Manly Beard himself to contain the Beard Dye of Norris.