Fancy Snowboarding
Fancy Snowboarding
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January 6, 2015 (Mobile),

January 9, 2015 (Online)


12 (Mobile), 8 (Online)



Fancy Snowboarding is a Christmas-themed mini-game released by Brad Borne on January 6, 2015 for mobile and January 9, 2015 for the online version. 

Gameplay Edit

There is no plot, as player basically races on a snowboard in snowy places and gets timed in each level. Unlike previous games, in this one player doesn't control Fancy Pants Man, but needs to draw platforms to make his way to the finish point. In the computer version, game is played with mouse. On mobile, game is played with your finger.

Game Info Edit

Levels: Edit

There are 12 levels in the mobile version, and in the online version there are only 8 levels.

Presents: Edit

In the Fancy Snowboarding demo, presents were introduced, which are like stars, but there are only one in every level. They require a lot of skill to get all of them.

Stars: Edit

Stars are based on your time. There are three stars in every level. If you get a certain time on a level, you will get a star. If you get a better time, you will get two stars, which are a little harder. Getting all three stars requires lots of skill, as you will need to get a really fast time. It depends what time you will need to get on every level. Since the size of the levels are different from each other, their times will be different also.

New Feature: Edit

There is a new feature which allows player to draw platforms in the game with and allows Fancy Pants Man snowboard on them which gets you to other points. It is also used to get presents. If player uses it too much, it will run out of ink and it cannot draw platforms at that moment. After a while of snowboarding the ink regenerates. The platform pencil is greatly needed in the success of the level, as when you play the game you do not stop, since this game is basically all time trials.

Trivia Edit

  • Brad Borne stated that the game is played better on the mobile version.