Evil Pencil
Fancy Pants Adventure Evil Pencil
A scene of the Evil Pencil battle
Vital statistics
Gender Genderless, But Many suggest he is a male
Race Pencil
Health Healthy
Status Shrunken
Relatives Unknown

Evil Pencil is a boss in World 1 Remix. He is found in the boss level, after Level 4. When defeated, he shrinks into a knockout weapon which Fancy Pants Man claims and is able to use in the game, but it only has one type of swing.


The Evil Pencil is found in the boss level, which is found after Level 4 of World 1 Remix. He destroys many parts of Level 3, making it a harder level. As you are headed to his lair, the Evil Pencil blocks your way and sends you to another place, which is Level 4. One you pass level 4, you are back in his lair, and you find the Evil Pencil there. Once you defeat him, he shrinks into a weapon-sized pencil, which Fancy Pants Man claims.


The Evil Pencil is a hard boss to take down. His way of attack is to try and crush you. The hard part is avoiding the attack. The Evil Pencil is quite accurate. You have to go the right direction in order to avoid his attack. When the Evil Pencil is about to stomp on you, run to the right or to the left and try to follow the pattern that he is stomping. After he stomps at you three times, he will draw a Spider. What you have to do is stomp on the spider, but only knock it out. The Evil Pencil will come back and try to spin at you. When he comes, kick the spider towards the Evil Pencil. The spider will hit the tip of the Evil Pencil and knock him out. When he is knocked out, kick him again. He will lose his tip and he goes to sharpen it. He gets stronger afterwards, but shorter, since he had to sharpen his tip. Repeat the process two more times and he will be defeated.