Cutie Pants Girl
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race realistic
Health Healthy
Status Alive
Relatives the new version of fancy pants

Cutie Pants Girl is Fancy Pants Man's sister, and one of main characters in World 3 and The Fancy Pants Adventures for Consoles.


She first showed up in The Fancy Pants Adventures (for consoles). Cutie Pants Girl wears a purple dress and has transparent face and hair. She has not been released as a playable character yet, but she may be in the future.


Cutie Pants Girl lives in Squiggleville with her brother Fancy Pants Man. She owns a pet kitten named Kaboodle. Captain Rainbow Beard, after attempting to escape Fancy Pants Man, pets her Kaboodle so she beats him up stating she doesn't want "some icky pirate touching her Kaboodle". The other pirates see this finding her much more hardcore then their old captain and they proceed to capture her and make her their captain. Along the journey to the pirate ship she occasionally drops bottles with letters in them for Fancy Pants Man to find. She starts to like being the captain and when Fancy tries to save her, she says that being a Pirate Princess Captain is far more interesting then being his sister & she opens a trap door making him fall into a cave. When he returns to the pirate ship it is over run by ninjas. He defeats the ninjas and Captain Manly Beard (previously Rainbow Beard) who is attempting to take back the ship and then she willingly goes home with Fancy Pants Man.

Abilities Edit

Cutie Pants Girl has some abilities of her own that are quite useful, so don't mistake her as just another cute little girl!

  • She can use her kitten Kabootle as a grappling hook to reach greater heights.