Canopy Forest


FPA Consoles, World 3

Number of Level

3 (Consoles), 4 (World 3)

Previous Level

Outer Squiggleville

Next Level

Rolling Bayou

Canopy Forest is the third level of The Fancy Pants Adventures for Consoles and fourth in World 3.

In ConsolesEdit

Location is a forest with daylight and probably a sunset.

Bonus RoomEdit

The task is to collect 15 ballons by going through or touching them and before time runs out (less than 2 minutes). Reward is Acorn Hat.

Other RoomsEdit

Room at the top near the biggest tree leads you to the star.


In World 3Edit

Bonus RoomEdit

Same and in Consoles instead it's located at the star room and player collects ballons jumping on Bats and hitting them with a Snail shell.