Angry Rabbit
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The Angry Rabbit
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Rabbit
Health Healthy
Status Dead (if defeated)
Relatives Unknown

The Angry Rabbit is the final boss of World 2.

Roles In GameEdit

The Angry Rabbit appears twice in World 2. He first appears in the Tutorial, where he steals Fancy Pants Man's Ice Cream Cone. He jumps out of the golfball hole and jumps onto the platform where Fancy Pants Man and the Mayor are standing on and steals the Ice Cream Cone from Fancy Pants Man. He later appears in Level 6, in his hideout, where Fancy Pants Man goes to to get his Ice Cream Cone back. The Angry Rabbit attacks Fancy Pants Man by trying to jump on him. He later jumps into the air and spiders and a snail drop from the ground and the Angry Rabbit comes back down. The Angry Rabbit is defeated by Fancy Pants Man, who gets his Ice Cream Cone back.

Abilities Edit

The Angry Rabbit attacks you by jumping towards you. If it hits you, you will take damage. In the Consoles version, the Angry Rabbit can jump farther. Another way it can attack you is by jumping up into the air and summoning spiders and a snail.


You cannot kick the Angry Rabbit or jump on him, or else you will get hurt. The only way to defeat him is to kick the snail shell at him. When the Angry Rabbit jumps into the air, spiders drop down. A snail also comes down too. Stomp on the snail so the snail shell is able to be kicked. When the Angry Rabbit comes down. kick the snail shell towards him. If it hits him, then he will be knocked out for a very short while. While he is knocked out, kick him. He will take more damage, but he will snap back into action. Do the same thing 2 more times. He will be defeated and you will retrieve your Ice Cream Cone and you will beat the game.